How do I start my own business as a software developer

How do I start my own business as a software developer?

1.  The first step is create a website, and since you’re a software developer, that should not be a problem for you. The website should explain why an organisation should outsource their software development needs to you and what you have to offer.

The next (and important) step is to consult with a digital marketing expert. They will help your website improve its search engine ranking organically and/or with paid advertising. They will also help you set up your social media platforms and will help you maintain it for optimum results. These two things will lead to an increase in brand awareness and website traffic, leading to an increased chance of gaining clients off of the internet. I would also advise that you consult a digital marketing expert while writing the content on your website, as it will contribute positively towards yours search engine ranking. If you want to read more on this, feel free to do a Google Search on “SEO” and “social media marketing” to get a better idea about what I am talking about.


2. In a week you have 168 hours of time. To estimate your free time lets assume the below in general.

Total free time = 168(Total week hours)–45 (office hours)- 10(travel to office) – 50 (sleep time) – 35 (having food at home, other extra work,getting ready,learnings, free time , hangouts etc) = 26 hours

That i.e you have 3.7 hours per day in hand to setup or do your business. Free time may vary from person to person with his commitments.

That will be too less time to spend for a business to do yourself. Hence you need to employee few people.

These 3.7 hours every day , you can do your initial setup work for business. Once your concept, ideas, permissions and registrations if necessary , sourcing of products etc are ready ,then you can handover it to your employees.

Depends on your business you need initial capital, either you can save some money from your earnings , or you can go for a business/personal loan to source your initial capital.

Only thing you need to identity is what type of business, which location to start, what products are required, how many employees are required, what permissions/registrations are necessary,do you need any partners, what % of partnership, etc.

Once you decide what business you need to do , do the planning. Like how you start a s/w project follow the same strategy.

Analyze what type of business, what real world problem you want to solve.

Plan the prototype of business, resources, budget, launch date, etc.

Take time to build or do the initial setup of your business.

Check all necessary things required for business.

Go live.

Post live , analyze , clear issues, improve efficiency etc.

And type of business you need to do depends on your interest level, your comfort zone, your budget, etc. This will only help you in to think in right direction to start a business. Business ideas, planning, budget, resources, etc differ from business to business.

3.Well, getting straight away to your question below are the few points that you can follow to start up with your job

Firstly, create a blog or facebook page or insta page or all of these and spread it out among your circle to let people know that you can develop a software for their needs. Keep your page updated with the skills you have, share the links of the softwares you have made earlier and if possible roll out their videos. This should help you to get attention from the people.

Secondly, you should reach out to the local retailors or the hotels or any kind of businesses around you that you feel are in need of softwares. Approach them and convince as to what your software can deliver them. Identify and solve their problems.

Thereafter you can create a website and your good work will fetch you clients.

Remember, identifying the problems of clients is atmost important.

Good luck

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